When is the Right Time to Look for a Job Post-Stroke?

Authors: Jennifer Maher and Kathy Martin

Things can change after a stroke making it difficult to return to work. Before you start filling out job applications, ask yourself ‘Am I ready’? Answering these questions about your situation will give you a better idea if the time is right.

success ahead

Do you receive disability benefits?

Depending on the type of disability benefits you are receiving, additional income from a job could impact your current benefits.  Your disability benefits could change depending on   the number of hours you can work and the amount of income you make.

Do you have problems managing stress?

Many times stroke survivors experience increased stress levels following a stroke.  This life changing event can cause stroke survivors to have increased stress due to fatigue, loss of memory and adjusting to life.

job interviewDo you have prior work experience?

Many times the skills and experience you had prior to your stroke are still applicable following a stroke.  However, there might be opportunities to gain new stills through training and volunteering.

Are you afraid you can’t work?

After having a stroke it can be hard to identify what you are good at and areas that need improvement.  Find someone to talk to, like a vocational counselor, who can help you realize jobs that may be appropriate for your level of recovery and skill level.

Can you afford to work?

A job is a commitment which takes up time and has certain requirements.  If you have to pay for transportation, clothing and childcare to go to work, you need to know if you still have enough money left over to make having a job worth it.

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