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Determination and Willpower

By John Mott, Jr. I experienced a lot in life as a young man and I must admit that I’ve seen better days. With a little effort, I managed to pull through the clutter of misfortunes. However, on March 28, … Continue reading

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December 2-6 is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

Author: Peggy Gannon Every month seems to have some type of “awareness month” or “week” attached to it.  December is no different and is actually one that holds some importance to me.  December 2-6 is National Older Driver Awareness Week and … Continue reading

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Vision changes after a stroke

Hi, I am Dr. Katelyn Jordan. I am the low vision optometrist at the Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Low Vision Therapy. We see many patients post-stroke who report that their vision is different or reduced since their stroke. However, frequently, … Continue reading

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Celebrate Aging and Community Open House

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we know that seniors have unique healthcare needs. Whether it is gaining physical strength and coordination, increasing mental stimulation or receiving emotional and social support after a life-changing illness like a stroke, Brooks is committed to furthering … Continue reading

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When is the Right Time to Look for a Job Post-Stroke?

Authors: Jennifer Maher and Kathy Martin Things can change after a stroke making it difficult to return to work. Before you start filling out job applications, ask yourself ‘Am I ready’? Answering these questions about your situation will give you a better … Continue reading

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Driving After A Stroke: For the Survivor

Author: Peggy Gannon If you are a stroke survivor and did not read my last posting…do it now! The tips I wrote were more for family members, but you could benefit yourself from reading and taking them to heart. It is … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity and The Brain After a Stroke

Authors: Rhonda Felice Hi I am Rhonda.  I am the Stroke Therapy Manager at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Those studying rehabilitation are frequently asked questions about the types of therapies that should be included when treating a stroke patient. In neuroscience … Continue reading

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