Kathy Martin

525753_486623528034740_1557709259_nKathy Martin has worked in the field of neurological rehabilitation since the early eighties. She joined the Brooks team in 1989 as a cognitive rehabilitation therapist. She has worked both inpatient and outpatient at Brooks and was the chair of the committee that started the Neuro-Rehabilitation Day Treatment program in the early 1990’s. She worked in the Day treatment program until 2008, at which time she opened the Brooks Clubhouse. This program is the first and only brain injury clubhouse in the state of Florida and one of only 23 that exist throughout the world. The program follows the guidelines set forth by the International Brain Injury Clubhouse Alliance and the program is designed to meet the long-term community and vocational integration needs of those who have survived a brain injury. Kathy has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Education; she is a certified rehabilitation counselor, she is certified in the practice of cognitive rehabilitation and she is a certified brain injury specialist trainer.


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