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Neuroplasticity and The Brain After a Stroke

Authors: Rhonda Felice Hi I am Rhonda.  I am the Stroke Therapy Manager at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Those studying rehabilitation are frequently asked questions about the types of therapies that should be included when treating a stroke patient. In neuroscience … Continue reading

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At the “Y” with Mary- One Daughter’s Story of Taking Care of Her Mom

Story by: Polly Esther MacKay In 1998, my Mom, Mary Lea McGoogan, retired from teaching with a lot of reservation after my father had suffered a massive stroke in 1992. For six years she continued to be an excellent administrator … Continue reading

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Exercise After Stroke

Author: Julie Schafer Hello! After completing formal physical therapy, have you wondered if it is important to keep exercising for months or even years after a stroke? The answer is YES!!! (I am sure you have heard this once or … Continue reading

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Stroke Awareness Month an Inspiration

Stroke Awareness Month has come and gone.  But the need for awareness and recovery continues. If you haven’t had a chance to see our “Faces of Stroke” Campaign, please take the time to do so.  The campaign features 8 stroke survivors of … Continue reading

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May is Stroke Awareness Month, Faces of Stroke

Author- Jill Matejcek, Manager, Public and Community Relations Today marks the beginning of Stroke Awareness Month. As a marketing professional, it is a month that I’ve promoted for many years. At Brooks, we share helpful information on stroke prevention, stroke … Continue reading

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Nutrition is Important For Stroke Survivors

Author: Julie Schafer Hi, I am Julie.  As a health educator and Manager of Healthy Living Programs at Brooks,  I helped establish the Brooks Stroke Wellness program. It is important to me to help keep stroke survivors fit and healthy. … Continue reading

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